good-byeHey everyone, the school year is ending and so will this blog. ): But there is a positive side, I might start a new blog in high school.

Anyhow, let’s look back on all the things I’ve accomplished! First of all my biggest skill learned was to type faster. Its going to be a huge advantage for me in high school. It’ll be great to type all my homeworks and not to waste any time. It was also really fun to be one of the first people if not THE first person to install widgets. I installed the flag map widget and the pet one. It was also a great pleasure to help everyone install these widgets. Continue reading

History Lesson, The Fun Way!

Landlords_Game_1906_image_courtesy_of_T_Forsyth_owner_of_the_registered_trademark_20151119So, today we’re talking a walk down history lane. Specifically, we’re talking about old and recent board games.

In my family, we LOVE two different board games. The first one is chess. My dad was a professional chess player a while back, so we always play, but honestly he’s much better than me. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty good myself be my father is incredible. Chess is arguably the most strategic game, and we sometimes forget that the game is actually about war. To think of it, this game goes back to medieval times! I say that because all the characters are medieval characters, so why not? Continue reading

Success Is The Best You Can Be!

9707967733_397f3ff5a1_oSuccess: ‘Success is doing or getting what you wanted or intended.’ (Oxford Dictionary) That is the official definition of the word success. I think success is when someone does something properly.

What is success? I’d say a happy family, doing the job you love, and getting to where your dreams led you. In sports though, it’s giving your best, and sometimes it’s winning. Continue reading

A Walk Through The Mountains!

Image coming!

The sun of a bright spring morning tickles the cub’s fur. They instantly turn to their mother Sky. She’s still in her own world sleeping. The cubs, Amber and Roger quickly pounce on their mother’s back. Sky ends up making some sort of a grunt and decides to start this beautiful day.

They later take a path to wander through the mountains of “Gaspésie”, enjoying the amazing scenery. The wind still surrounds the family of three as they trot along in the dense, vast forest. The cubs shiver and try to stick to the mother. After an hour, the cubs start to desire a rest. During their rest, Sky remarks an immense slide of ice left over from the freezing winter. Continue reading

Nike Hype!

IMG_5417Hey everyone I’m talking about my new soccer shoes!

These shoes are Hypervenom Phantom 2s and they are simply exquisite. I ordered them 1 week ago and they came in the mail Monday. They are puple and volt yellow, at least that’s what Nike calls it. I think it looks really amazing! I’m so excited to use them, they have super positive reviews. Anyhow, they have ACC, which stands for All Conditions Control. This means if you are playing in wet weather conditions, you still have grip on the ball! Continue reading

Quick Little Update! Challenge 4

untitledHey guys, I just wanted to update my blog by saying that I have completed Challenge 4.

So, I recently put on my two widgets, you can go see them at the bottom at my page! One of them is a flag counter, and the other is a world clock widget! I really like widgets, do you/ let me know in the comments!

Surprisingly I just finished my 5 comments you should go see the great writers I commented on! They are in Mr. Geimans class. Go check it out! Continue reading

Welcome To Quebec! Challenge 4

untitledHey guys, today I’m back with a post to bring you closer to Quebec!

First of all, I want to talk about our summer! Yes, everyone, we do have a summer. Everyone thinks that Quebec is a cold place! I won’t argue with you, it is! But nevertheless, we do have a summer and we get temperatures at 25 degrees Celsius. We have an amazing formula 1 festival. We have a huge race that is open to visitors all around the world. Every year, my family goes there. Not to the race, but downtown to see all the new cars. Because around this time of year, all the companies show off all the new models and there are some very exotic cars that are simply exquisite! We usually spend all day walking on St-Catherine’s street gazing at all the people cars! If you wish to see the Montreal’s Formula 1 go to this link . Continue reading

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